Spring Is Here And So Are Motorcycles

April 5, 2019
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Spring is here! Even though it was official back in March, we will see a few days of 60 degrees over the next several days. Another sign of spring is the return of motorcycles to New Haven roadways. Motorcyclists. however, can face some vulnerabilities on roadways that drivers don’t face. Below are some tips riders can incorporate to avoid a crash.

  1. Be aware of visibility. Motorcyclists are tough for drivers to see. They can move in and out of blind spots and should be aware of driver blind spots.
  2. Be careful about riding at night. Riders should wear reflective clothing so they can be seen easier at night.
  3. Save tricks for the parking lot. Tricks are fun, but when done in roadways they can drastically increase the likelihood of a New Haven personal injury.

The New Haven personal injury lawyers at The LoRicco Law Firm wish you safe and fun spring riding season. If you do find yourself or a loved one in an accident, contact our firm. We can meet with you at your home, hospital, or any place you are recovering.