Steps You Should Take To Avoid A New Haven Dog Bite Injury

October 12, 2022
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We have been having some absolutely beautiful weather this autumn here in the Elm City and what better way to get out and enjoy it then to go for a walk throughout the city.  You may notice along the way that there are quite a few dogs walking about as well, as New Haven is a very dog friendly city.  This is nice and makes for some cute animals to look at along your walk, but what if you get into a situation and you are concerned that an interaction with one of these pets may turn into a New Haven dog bite injury?  What can you do?

The first thing to know is it is not as much about what you do, but what you choose not to do in the event that you are concerned that a nearby dog is getting aggressive with you.  Actions you take may spook the dog and agitate it further which could lead to it become more aggressive and it could escalate the situation.  So here are some things you should avoid doing so you can leave any interaction with a dog, even an aggressive dog, without getting injured.

Step #1: Stay calm.  Dogs do not respond well to humans who are stressed and on edge.  If you can maintain a calm and cool composure you can avoid making the dog get more on edge which could cause him to attack.

Step #2: Do not make eye contact with the animal.  Look down to the ground.  This will put the dog at a slightly less elevated state and will de-escalate the situation.

Step #3:  Avoid making any sudden movements.  You do not want to turn your back and run away from the dog.  You should remain still to try to bring the temperature of the situation down.  Breathing slowly and making no sudden movements will help to keep the situation from getting serious.

Step #4: Walk away slowly.  Once you feel like the dog has been able to calm down and is not as agitated you will want to slowly walk away without turning your back on the situation.

It can be tempting to interact with a dog that you see when you’re out for a walk around the city, but if you don’t approach these animals that are strangers to you in the right way you may find yourself dealing with a New Haven dog bite injury.  This type of injury is generally preventable if you take the appropriate steps, even when faced with an agitated dog.

Whatever the circumstance of your encounter was, if you are facing an injury from a dog bite you may need to speak with an attorney.  Our experienced attorneys have worked on a variety of these types of cases and can be a good resource for you.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.