Study Finds Auto Manufacturers Marketing Makes A Difference In Driver Comfort With New Tech

July 29, 2021
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Just when you thought it was safe to trust auto manufacturers it turns out the way they speak about new driver assist technologies can have a tremendous impact on how you perceive these technologies in a new car.  A new study by AAA has found that when driver assist tech is marketed in certain ways the consumer confidence with those technologies goes up or down, depending on how it is talked about.

While there is nothing new about consumers being drawn in by marketing, marketing this type of system could have a direct impact on your ability to avoid a New Haven auto accident.  That is why AAA is encouraging you to not believe the hype on these new technologies and make sure you do as much research as you can about each individual manufacturer and how truthful their marketing really is.

AAA researchers got 90 participants together to test the role that marketing plays in how people perceive these new systems.  Half the group was testing a fictitious system called AutonoDrive and were told about all of the incredible things the new technology could do and the other group were testing a fictitious system called DriveAssist where the system’s limitations were emphasized.  The group testing AutonoDrive came away with an overconfidence in the system.

The research breaks out the dangers like this:

You can read the full findings of the research here.  It is fascinating the impact that marketing can have on perceptions of the same system.  AAA is urging drivers to focus on independent research to help determine whether the system in a new car is safe and will actually help you avoid a New Haven auto accident or if it is all just marketing hype.

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