Study Of Distracted Driving Shows Most Dangerous Spots In Connecticut

May 20, 2020
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You’ve probably heard that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of New Haven auto accidents, but did you know that where you drive in Connecticut makes a difference to your safety? The Traveler’s Institute recently coordinated a study via the University of Connecticut to find out where people in Connecticut are most often distracted while driving. 

It turns out that driving through our major urban areas puts drivers at the most risk. Perhaps this is because there are simply more vehicles to watch at one time, or maybe there’s more happening along the roadside, but whatever the reason, New Haven topped the list of crashes due to distracted driving. This was quickly followed by Hartford and Bridgeport. 

Also interesting to know is that some roads are more dangerous than others: Respondents claimed that the entire shoreline of I-95, both North and South; Hartford and Waterbury along I-84; and the Meriden 691 interchange along I-91 were the most dangerous locations for driving. 

The study was spurred on because The Traveler’s Institute president noticed an increase in the number of vehicle accidents in recent years, which was discouraging because it had been decreasing for decades. It is suspected that the sharp increase is a result of people driving while distracted. So, watch out for other drivers who may be engaging in risky behaviors, like eating, drinking, playing with the radio, texting or applying makeup. Be vigilant in urban areas and along key roadways. And, stay safe on the roads.

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