Summer Rain Storms Can Cause New Haven Auto Accidents

June 10, 2020
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Summer rain storms can be can be very strong and drop lots of rain on New Haven roadways so it is no surprise that weather can be a contributing factor to New Haven auto accidents. Take extra precautions when traveling in wet, stormy weather.

  1. Avoid off-road driving. Judging the actual depth of a puddle is challenging and your vehicle could become stuck (even SUVs).
  2. Never drive through moving water if you can’t see the ground; it could sweep you and your car off the road!
  3. Don’t tailgate. The spray created by tires, especially those of large trucks and busses, limits your vision. If you must pass, do so quickly and safely.
  4. When traveling New Haven roadways in the rain, stay toward the middle lane. Roadways are crowned and water tends to pool in the outer lanes.
  5. If you can, avoid using your brakes. If road conditions are wet, applying your brakes could cause your vehicle to hydroplane. Take your foot off of the accelerator to slow down.
  6. Never drive through a large puddle. You will not be able to determine if there is a sink hole beneath the surface.
  7. Avoid splashing pedestrians.
  8. Use headlights in rainy, gloomy, foggy and overcast conditions. Not only will you have greater visibility, but other cars will be able to get a better view of you.

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