Take These Steps To Be Seen And Avoid A New Haven Bicycle Accident

March 22, 2024
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This time of the year the weather can be so unpredictable and it can put you in a difficult situation if you are out riding your bicycle. While things like pop-up rain storms and heavy winds can lead to getting into a New Haven bicycle accident, especially when they come up unexpectedly, these are not the only weather conditions that can make it difficult you to see and be seen when riding your bicycle. This is important to know so you can take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe while you’re out enjoying an extended bike ride in the Elm City.

Sudden changes in the light situation while you’re out riding your bicycle can make it difficult for you to see the road in front of you and it can also make those whom you share the road with find it difficult to see you as your riding along. The Spring season for riding can be quite unpredictable and while it is fun to get out and enjoy some warmer weather if you’re not taking the appropriate safety steps you may find yourself in a situation where you could get injured from an accident.

You may find yourself in a situation where you’re riding your bike and all of a sudden the sun gets covered over by a dark rain cloud and even if it is not raining you are suddenly in a very dark condition and drivers of vehicles around you may have hard time seeing you. Also, the shadows of buildings will be longer and wider as the sun is sitting lower in the sky in early spring and therefore it could make it more difficult for you to be seen by on-coming traffic and could put you in a precarious situation as you ride your bike throughout the city.

So what are you supposed to do to make sure that this darkness doesn’t put you in harm’s way as you enjoy your bike rides in the spring? There are really two things you can do and both need to be proactive, so you’ll need to do them before you head out for your first ride, but if you do make sure you take action and keep yourself visible while riding you will be putting yourself in a much safer position then if you don’t take these steps.

Step #1: Light up your bike. If your bicycle does not have working front and rear lights you could be putting yourself at risk. You can ride around with your lights on all of the time or just when the visibility gets lower and you are riding through patches of darkness. Either way, having functioning lights that will be able to be seen whether you are in the light or darkness can be a significant way you can take your safety into your own hands.

Most bicycles do not come with lights on the front and rear of the bike standard so you will need to install these after you purchase your bike. If you’re not confident in your ability to install these lights, you may want to seek the expertise of a bike repair shop so you can have faith in the fact that the lights will function properly while you’re out on your first few rides of the spring season.

Step #2: No mechanical knowledge required for this one. Make yourself visible by wearing reflective clothing and gear. You may want to wear a reflective vest, arm bands and add reflective stickers to your helmet so you can be seen in any light, especially low light situations. While there can be stigmas associated with wearing reflective gear when riding your bike, we often say, is it better to be cool or alive. We lean toward the alive side on that argument.

The best part about considering your clothing and making sure that it suits the riding conditions you will be experiencing when you hope on your bike for the first time this season is that you can get this together well before you hit the road so you can be prepared without having to scramble when you first get on your bike.

Riding in the spring can be a wonderful experience and if you’re a nature lover you will get a beautiful show from the blossoming trees and flowers throughout the city. If you take the two steps outlined above you will be putting yourself in a situation where you’ll be able to ride safely and avoid a New Haven bicycle accident while also enjoying everything the season has to offer to riders.

If you get into an accident while riding your bike, no matter what the season is, you may need to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to review your situation. Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you and work on protecting your long-term interests.