The Four Stages Of Child Car Seats

June 12, 2023
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What a day it is, your family is welcoming a new little one and you’re working to keep her/him safe in a dangerous world.  One of the very first things you should do is to become familiar with the various stages of child car seats so in the event that you do get into a New Haven auto accident then you will be prepared with the safety of your child in mind.

The safety experts at AAA have detailed these different stages, but to understand Connecticut law and make sure you are in compliance with the rules surrounding child safety in the car you will want to familiarize yourself with the laws that are specific to Connecticut here.   With the information from AAA and the state of Connecticut in hand you will be fully prepared to protect your child as you navigate the city streets.

From AAA, here are the four stages of child car seats that you will want to familiarize yourself with;

Stage #1: Rear-facing seats – When children are newborns they need special assistance in supporting their neck and spine and that’s exactly what a rear-facing car seat does in the event of an accident.  It is critical that these seats are installed correctly to provide maximum protection and as a new parent if you are unsure of how to install this type of seat properly you should seek expert advice.

Stage #2: Forward-facing seats – The next stage in the steps of car seats is to move from a rear-facing seat to a forward-facing seat.  These seats are installed differently into your vehicle and are designed to support a growing child.  The most important benefit that a forward-facing seat provides is the even distribution of physical forces on a child’s body.  It is likely that your child will be in a forward-facing seat for the largest amount of time.

Stage #3: Booster seats – Used in conjunction with the car’s seat belt system a booster seat is designed to properly position a child so they can use the seat belt system that is already provided in the vehicle.  The booster seat is the last step before the child will become allowed, by law, to sit in the vehicle using only the vehicle’s provided seat belt system to keep her/him safe.

Stage #4: Seat belt – The seat belt is the last stage of development for child safety in a vehicle.  This is when there are no additional seats needed a child can safely ride while utilizing the provided seat belt.  Once a child is old enough to be able to sit in a vehicle with just the seat belt to keep them safe, they should be old enough to buckle the seat belt themselves, but don’t be afraid to check that they’ve done it correctly to make sure they are firmly harassed in.

When you are a new parent and are placing your child in the car for the very first time and there after, you should be aware of these four stages of child safety seats and also of the laws that govern these seats in the state of Connecticut.  In the event of a New Haven auto accident you will be fully prepared for your child to be safe and firmly buckled in so that the impact is minimal.

Even when you follow all the guidelines and the laws surrounding these types of safety functions in a vehicle there are situations that arise that may cause you or your child to become injured.  If that is the case, you may need to speak with someone who has experience in this type of circumstance.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will talk with you about your individual situation and work to protect your long-term interests.