The Leaf Problem: How To Prevent Accidents

November 2, 2023
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When you step outside of your home you will notice that the leaves are really starting to rain down on the streets and sidewalks below. Even though it seems like leaf season keeps getting pushed back further and further each year, it does eventually come and when it does there are a number of things that come with it. Being able to take steps to avoid both New Haven auto accidents and New Haven slip and fall accidents during leaf season is a cornerstone to having a safe and enjoyable autumn.

When leaves are falling they may seem harmless as they float down from the tree that they lived on for so many months, but once they hit the sidewalk or street below they can become very dangerous. When they are multiplied by the hundreds they become a hazard that needs to be dealt with in order to keep everyone on the street safe. When leaves are falling all around you it can be difficult to keep up with them for safety purposes, but it is necessary and if you are able to keep up with them you will be putting yourself and everyone around you in a better position to stay free of injury.

There are two quite obvious dangers that are the result of leaves falling on to the ground below. The first revolves around cars and trucks who are driving on wet roads which are then made even more dangerous when you have wet leaves into the mix. A car hitting a corner at a high speed that is loaded with fallen leaves can be put in an even more precarious situation than if it was taking the turn and the road was dry and free of debris. Leaves add another layer of danger to your travels. So how can you travel safely during the autumn months when roads are covered with leaves.

1.) Take it slow. Excessive speed is the most dangerous thing you can do behind the wheel of a car, even in perfect conditions, so when you add leaves and moisture to the road the danger you are putting yourself in by speeding becomes exponentially greater.

2.) Avoid large piles of leaves. You’re not going to be able to avoid all leaves on the road at any given time, but the spots under large trees where leaves are falling by the hundreds in short order can build up to create a giant pile. If you try to just plow through this giant pile of leaves you might be putting yourself at risk of hitting an unseen hazard that is buried below the leaves. This hazard could put you in greater danger of getting into an accident.

The second major danger that you may face when leaves are falling from trees in the autumn is when you are walking or jogging somewhere. Leaves that fall on the sidewalks of the city can become slipping hazards and put you or someone you are with at risk. Taking steps to mitigate this risk can mean the difference between getting to your destination unscathed or becoming injured and needing to be treated for your injury. The steps you can take when you are walking or jogging during the autumn months to keep yourself from leaves include;

1.) Take it slow. Similarly to driving in a car, leaves make your pathway slippery and if you are moving along at a high speed you could find yourself slipping easily on just a few leaves which will put you in a situation to get injured. Even if you’re in a rush, taking it slow is a better way to handle your walk or jog so you can arrive at your destination without injuring yourself.

2.) Wear proper footwear. It may not be quite time to get the snow boots out of your closet yet, but you might want to consider something other then a typical walking or running shoe. Hiking boots, for instance, may put you in a much safer position to walk along the sidewalks of the city when they are littered with fallen leaves.

The risks of getting into a New Haven auto accident or a New Haven slip and fall accident due to leaves is low, but it is not non-existent. Taking a few small steps as you navigate the city during the autumn to keep yourself and your loved ones safe can certainly be worth it. Just these few steps can be the difference between a serious injury that you may dealing with for months or getting to your destination safely and unscathed.

If you do get injured you may need to speak with an attorney who can review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests. All of our attorneys have experience with similar situations and will understand the best path forward for you to resolve your situation fairly.