These Four Driver Assistance Technologies May Help You Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident

November 28, 2021
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It may not come as a surprise that technology is moving fast and furious these days with new phones coming out weekly and TV tech changing with every turn of the channel.  Technology is also being added regularly to automobiles that in some cases can help you avoid a New Haven auto accident.  While self-driving tech may be a bridge too far for some, there are smaller, incremental additions to your car’s tech that you may not even notice that will help keep you safe on the roads.

Driver Assistance Technology is something that many manufacturers are building in to new car models and many are adding it in as standard equipment because it is so successful at keeping us safe.  It is important to understand what type of technology is available if you’re shopping for a new car so that you can make sure your new vehicle includes the tech that you think will make the biggest impact on your safety.  Here are four driver assistance technologies that may keep you from getting into a car accident;

  1. Forward collision warning: sensors in your car detect a vehicle that is in front of you which may cause you to get into an accident and it alerts you to slow down or be aware.  This warning can prevent serious incidents of rear-ending accidents that often occur at high speeds and can be very dangerous.
  2. Lane departure warning: here again sensors monitor your movement within your lane and notify you if you start to drift out of your lane.  Some vehicles also come with driver assistance technology that will actually steer you back into your lane if you are not paying attention to the warning when it sounds.
  3. Rear cross traffic warning: this is particularly useful when you are parked and pulling out of a parking spot.  The vehicle will warn you of on-coming traffic that may be out of the view of a back-up camera.  When the warning sounds the driver is alerted to stop or a collision will occur.
  4. Blind sport warning: as it’s name suggests this warning sounds if there is a vehicle that cannot be seen out of the rear view mirror or side mirror.  Some vehicles come equipped with a visible warning signal on the sideview mirror as well as an audible alarm that warns the driver that it is not safe to move over into the next lane because there is a car in their blind spot.

It can be tempting to solely rely on these driver assistance technologies to help us avoid a New Haven auto accident, but truth be told we need to use these pieces of auto technology as guidance and not let them distract us from the real way to avoid an accident and that is by being vigilant and paying close attention to the road at all times.

If you find yourself doing all the things you’re supposed to do while driving and yet you still wind up in an auto accident and injured you may need to speak with an attorney who can review your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.  Our office has a number of experienced attorneys who can help you do just that.