Three Common Products That May Present Personal Injury Risk

August 21, 2023
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When you go to the store or shop online you should have a reasonable expectation that the products you buy have been tested and follow certain safety guidelines. You likely expect that you will be able to use or consume these products without the danger of becoming injured and having to file a New Haven personal injury claim. That would be a reasonable expectation, but unfortunately that is not always the reality that we are faced with when we bring these products into our homes.

The vast majority of products that you purchase will present no problems to you, but there are situations where products are either defective or did not pass safety inspections and somehow make it on to store shelves anyway. In these cases you could be using a product that you maintain a reasonable level of confidence in and they could become dangerous very quickly. While there is not much you can do to protect yourself against this type of situation you most certainly can understand what types of products are most commonly causing these types of injuries. If you know which product categories present the most risk, you will be able to become an educated consumer and make sure you are taking your own safety into your own hands. The product categories that are often cited as safety risks include;

1.) Auto parts: Whether you’re a certified mechanic or not, you may have the need to purchase car parts including things like wiper blades, tires and other parts for your car or truck. When you do this, you are placing a great deal of confidence in the manufacturer of these parts to keep you safe when you are driving, but often defective parts can be the culprit in typical auto accidents and even in more serious accidents like rollovers. It is important to maintain knowledge of the types of parts you are using on your vehicle and also keep tabs on whether or not a part was recalled for safety issues at any point while it is connected to your vehicle.

2.) Medical devices: In consultation with your medical provider you may find yourself in need of a medical device to help you live a long and prosperous life. Devices like pacemakers and hip replacements are often used to keep patients alive or provide them with a greater quality of life as they age. You should be in constant contact with your medical provider if you require one of these devices be used on your body and if you ever notice anything unusual occurring with the devices or your body in relation to the devices you should immediately report the issue to your provider. If she/he thinks there is an issue they will take action which may end up saving your life.

3.) Children’s toys: When you buy a toy for a child you may be giving it to her/him to encourage fun and learning and you are of course never intending to cause harm, but sometimes defective children toys can cause things like choking, lacerations or poisoning. Before you give a child a toy you should make sure it is manufactured following all of the safety regulations required by law and that there are no recalls on the toy. If you have covered these bases then you can feel safe giving your child a toy and allowing her/him to play with it. If you ever notice small parts breaking off or sharp edges causing dangerous situations you may want to replace the toy with something a little safer.

If you worry too much about the dangers that products present you could become paranoid and never do any shopping again and that is not the intent of this information. Staying vigilant and understanding the dangers that some categories of products present will help you be a more informed shopper and may be the information you need to protect yourself from a New Haven personal injury accident that could require medical attention. Being an educated consumer is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your family safe.

Injuries from products do happen and you may find yourself in need of an attorney to review your particular situation. The attorneys in our office have the experience necessary to review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests. Contact our office to discuss who we might be able to help you.