Three Distracted Driving Behaviors That You Might Not Realize You’re Doing

April 12, 2021
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April is National Distracted Driving Month and it is a good time to go over some of the less common distractions that could get in the way of you safely navigating driving in the Elm City and avoiding a New Haven auto accident.

When people talk about distracted driving there is often a heavy focus on cell phone use in the car.  This is a good first place to start as cell phone use and texting while driving are two of the most distracting behaviors you can do while driving, but they aren’t the only ways you can be distracted in the car.  There are many other ways your focus can be taken off the road in front of you and put you at a safety risk.  Anything that pulls your focus off the road for even a second can be the difference between arriving at your destination safely or getting into an accident that will injure you, your passenger, or someone in another vehicle.

This month, and every month, we want you to keep in mind that avoiding distracted driving goes well beyond leaving your cell phone off and stowed while you are driving.  Some other examples of distracted driving that aren’t related to your phone include;

  1. Eating while driving.  You may have gone through the drive thru at a local take out restaurant and thought it was ok to head out on the road while eating.  Eating while driving can be very distracting whether you think you’re able to eat and keep your eyes on the road at the same time, your eyes may be on the road, but your attention is not.  Just drop a french fry in the middle console and see how fast your eyes move from the road to the interior of your car.
  2. Talking to a passenger.  It’s not likely that you will sit in silence while driving, but getting into deep conversations with your passenger while you’re driving can be both physically and mentally distracting and can take your attention off the road.  Even if your eyes are focused on the road ahead, if your mind is not, you are distracted.
  3. Daydreaming.  You may be the only one in the car and with no one to talk to your thoughts drift to another time and place.  This can be very dangerous and can lead to a New Haven auto accident.  Daydreaming while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do that will take your mind off the road and can be very difficult to recover from.

The only way to remain truly free of distractions while you’re driving is to keep your eyes and your mind focused on the task at hand.  This can be challenging, but keeping yourself safe while driving requires your full attention, if it is not given, it can have devastating affects.

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