Three Pieces Of Cycling Gear You Need When Riding In The Winter

February 4, 2023
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Whether you’re happy that winter this year has been mild or you’re praying that the second half of winter resembles the frozen tundra, you will need to consider what you’re going to wear for gear if you’re heading out for a ride on your bike.  When the temperature is unusually warm in February you can get lulled into a false sense of comfort and find yourself uncomfortable and cold on your ride which can lead to a New Haven bicycle accident if the weather gets really treacherous.

When you head out for a bike ride anytime during the winter months, whatever the temperature may be, you will want to dress in layers because temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, far more then they can in the summer during peak riding conditions.  If you are not prepared to ride with the proper gear you may put yourself in an uncomfortable situation which can lead to you making bad decisions on the bike.  When you’re not making good decisions while riding there is a chance you will quickly find yourself in a situation that could lead to you get injured.

It is with this in mind that while we are having milder temperatures this year then normal, it is important that we review what kind of gear your should have handy in case the weather takes a quick turn toward normal and you are left on your bike in freezing temperatures.  The type of gear you are going to need will keep you warm and comfortable for your ride even if you are caught out in the cold.

1.) A pair of insulated bib tights.  This essential piece of cycling gear provides a thin but warm base layer that is good to keep your legs covered and protected from the cold temperatures and wind.  Dressing in layers when dealing with weather that could quickly fluctuate is the best thing you can do to keep yourself comfortable while riding and a pair of insulated bib tights will provide the good first layer.

2.) A highly rated insulated cycling jacket.  Providing warmth and a lightweight layer to your cycling gear is essential both for your legs and for your torso to stay warm and comfortable while you’re riding.  Of course, when you’re riding a bike you can’t pack on a heavyweight winter jacket so you’re going to need an insulated jacket that is designed for freezing temperatures and below, but can stay out of your way while you’re riding long distances.

3.) Gloves and shoe covers.  Gloves may be something that you have thought about because as you skim through the air your hands will be exposed to the elements, but have you also thought about shoe covers.  Cycling shoes can be very breathable which in turn means cold in the winter months, therefore it is important to wear shoe covers to prevent the breath ability to turn into frostbite as you race across the Elm City on a cold winter day.

Riding your bike in the winter is so much fun and can be quite exhilarating if you are geared up properly.  If you are not geared up properly it can lead to you being cold and distracted while you’re racing through the city which could put you in a difficult spot and lead to a New Haven bicycle accident and the possibility that you would get injured while riding your bike.  Wearing the right gear can keep you safe.

When you’re on your bike you may run into circumstances that could cause you to become injured.  While we hope that is the case, we know it is a possibility.  If this does happen you may need to speak with an attorney who has worked on situations like yours in the past.  One of our attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.