Three Reasons A New Haven Pedestrian Accident Could Be Worse For Older People

May 10, 2024
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When you take a closer look at the numbers surrounding certain age groups of people and how they are affected by New Haven pedestrian accidents you start to realize that the most vulnerable people to these types of incidents are folks who are older. Those who are among the older populations of our city are often the most vulnerable around things like illnesses and criminal activity, but you may not have thought about this group in terms of the likelihood that they would be involved in more frequent accidents or more serious accidents.

While older generations are often considered wiser than younger generations they are not immune to the dangers presented from being a pedestrian in the Elm City. Things like cars not following traffic signals or driving while distracted can most certainly affect the safety of all pedestrians. All of the typical dangers that all pedestrians face still exist for this generation of pedestrians, but there are also other, health related reasons why an accident is either more likely or more severe when it happens to an older person.

Given that older folks can be more susceptible to accidents as a pedestrian it is even more important that education efforts reach those folks so they are aware of the habits that they might have that could be affecting their ability to stay safe. For instance, it is important that all pedestrians follow posted street signs and street lights directing traffic. If a pedestrian does not follow these posted signs and signals they may be putting themselves at a greater risk. It is also important that if you have a cell phone that you are not using it while navigating the city. Even light cell phone usage during your time as a pedestrian can distract you enough where you might put yourself at risk, this is true for all ages.

It is important that members of older generations know these safety tips when they are engaged in pedestrian activities throughout the state. These safety measures keep people of all ages safe. It is particularly important for the older generation because they have other extenuating physical limitations that could put them at even greater risk. Some of these factors include the following;

1.) Decreased physical ability. Those who are aging will experience a natural decline in their body’s ability to perform certain tasks. This decline might not be in the form of something that is outwardly visible, but it could have a serious impact on their ability to move safely throughout the city. For instance, those who are aging often have slower reaction times, reduced balance and weaker eyesight or hearing. These are the key elements to being able to be a pedestrian safely. If you are experiencing a decline in any of these areas you are going to have a more difficult time staying safe when you are walking throughout the Elm City.

2.) Weaker bones. It is not a secret that as we age our bones become frail through conditions like osteoporosis. While this may not impact your ability to avoid an accident, if you are involved in an accident it can make it so that your injuries are far more severe then if you were a strong, healthy, young person has not experienced this medical condition. If you do feel weaker and your bones feel more brittle you should speak with your medical provider and find ways to keep yourself safe and free from injuries as they can become quite severe in certain cases.

3.) There are, unfortunately, a myriad of medical conditions that can put older folks at greater risk when they are traveling throughout the city. Things like dementia can leave a person confused and disorientated making them lose sight of the safety measures they should be taking to stay free of getting into an accident. Also, older folks often will have heart problems that could lead to impaired judgement or disorientation as well. Finally, certain medications can play a factor in someone’s ability to be a safe pedestrian in the city as these medications can often lead to issues with balance and alertness.

There are so many safety precautions you should take so you can avoid a New Haven pedestrian accident when you are traveling on foot through the city. If you are an older resident you will want to make special note of any medical conditions that may put you at a greater risk of injury in the case that you are involved in an accident. The most important thing you can do is to make sure you are taking the proper precautions and avoiding any dangerous behaviors while you are out and about. If you do this, you should be fine and you will stay safe while being able to enjoy our beautiful city.

We know that accidents do happen and when they do you may need assistance in figuring out your next steps. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work on protecting your long-term interests.