Three Situations You May Need A New Haven Personal Injury Lawyer In

January 25, 2022
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We talk on this blog a lot about situations where you may need to enlist our services for an injury that you have sustained.  Whether you get into a New Haven auto accident or are injured from slipping and falling on a patch of ice out in front of a business, there are a number of different and very specific reasons you may need our services.  Today, we’re going to detail three situations that you might not have thought of that you could use our services to protect your long-term interests.

While this is not an exhaustive list of all of the areas we cover, it will get you started in understanding when your rights have been violated and when you may need an attorney to work with you to identify the situation and prove your case.  If you have any questions after reviewing this list please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

1.) When someone does something to intentionally harm you.  Let’s say you are out on a Friday night at a bar and a patron of the bar gets a little aggressive towards you and the scene devolves into a yelling match and then the patron hauls off and punches you in the face.  You might write this off as just a bar fight gone wrong, but we may be able to prove the person who hit you did it intentionally and caused you physical harm.  This situation you may require a personal injury attorney.

2.) When there are hazardous conditions at either a home or a business.  Maybe you are at a party at a friends house (or a friend of a friend) and that person has a loose railing on their stairs.  You are walking down the stairs, use the railing for guidance and it breaks and you fall down and injure yourself.  The person who let this unsafe condition happen may be held liable for their inaction.  Speaking with a personal injury attorney may be necessary.

3.) Damaged or defective product.  If you’ve purchased a product from a company or store and it is damaged or defective when you receive it and that defect leads you to getting injured you may be able to hold that company liable for your injury.  A personal injury attorney can work with you to understand the situation and follow through on any needed legal action.

There are no hard and fast rules about what makes a New Haven personal injury case and what doesn’t so if you have an experience and injury that you feel might rise to that level you should reach out to our office and speak with one of our attorneys.  There is no harm in talking to someone to find out if your long-term interests are being protected.  If they are not, we can help you get the protection that you deserve.