Three Steps To Take To Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident Before Your Summer Road Trip

June 24, 2022
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There would be nothing worse then heading out for a summer road trip and realizing that the New Haven auto accident you just got into is going to delay or even cancel your trip because your car won’t be able to be fixed in time.  What a headache.  However, if you work to take a few steps to avoid an incident before you hit the road you may be able to avoid this headache all together and be in a situation where you can take your road trip and be free of any stress that may be caused by a damaged car.

The good news is the steps you’re going to take to avoid the accident before your road trip will also help you avoid an accident while you’re on your road trip and you’ll be to your destination safely and without incident.  Start with the following steps, although the overarching point is that you should be taking steps to maintain the safety of your vehicle all of the time, but these first three steps will get you on the right path;

1.) Tire inflation:  If your tires are not properly inflated you will not be able to drive safely.  Keep in mind that tires can become overinflated very quickly in the summer months with the hot weather.  When the air is hot and the tires are driving on warm roads they will heat up and the air will expand.  If this happens, the tires may become overly inflated which can be dangerous in so many ways.  You will want to keep a close eye on the tire pressure for your vehicle all summer long.

2.) Wiper blades: Pop-up thunder showers can be pretty severe here in New England during the summer months and they can often come out of nowhere.  If you are not prepared with fresh wiper blades you may not be able to drive in these unsafe conditions.  Not only will this slow you down because you’ll have to pull off to the side of the road due to low visibility, this can also cause you to lose visibility all of a sudden and get into an accident before you even have time to pull over.

3.) Headlights/Tail lights: Making sure you have functioning headlights and tail lights on your vehicle can be the difference between getting into a fender bender or a serious crash that can cause damage and injury.  If your lights are not working properly you may be putting yourself or your passengers at grave risk on the road during any road trip you may be taking.

Keeping your vehicle maintained is the best way to insure you do not get into a New Haven auto accident.  Even if you are not a mechanic you can take a few small steps that will go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe when you’re behind the wheel.  This will become especially important as you head out onto the road for a road trip this summer.

If you do keep your vehicle maintained, but get injured nonetheless, you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you and review your case to help protect your long-term interests.