Three Things To Be On The Lookout This Spring To Avoid A New Haven Pedestrian Accident

March 10, 2022
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With winter giving us her last breath effort to pile up some snow on our sidewalks and driveways, spring is starting to peak through the ground with the first buds of flowers and leaves on the trees.  This change of season can often bring some challenges when you are strolling through the city.  There are some changes that are happening that if you don’t avoid them may cause a New Haven pedestrian accident and can lead to an injury.

When people are driving through the city they are often not aware of pedestrians and so they become careless when driving.  This becomes particularly true in March which is a month of transition from season to season.  In the winter months there are less people out walking in the Elm City and so drivers often get complacent and let their guard down, but as the winter months give way to warmer spring weather drivers need to be on high alert once again to avoid getting entangled with someone walking down the street.

As a pedestrian it is important that you know some of the hazards that may be unique to a month like March.  Once you are aware you can be on the lookout for these issues and avoid them to stay safe this spring.

  1. Snow banks.  While we didn’t have a ton of snow this winter there were a couple of storms that piled snow extremely high on some streets.  Most snow banks are gone at this point so when there is one that is still fighting to stay it can be a surprise to both you as the pedestrian and the drivers that may not be on the lookout for a snow bank.  If you can be extra aware of this you can take precaution not to step out into the street without making yourself visible around the snow bank.
  2. Wet sidewalks and crosswalks.  You may be letting your guard down when walking on wet sidewalks or crosswalks because after all they aren’t icy so you likely don’t have to worry about slipping and falling down in the middle of the road, but even wet crosswalks can be slippery and can cause you to take a spill in the middle of the street.  This can be dangerous because if you fall down you can be harder to see for an on-coming car and an even worse injury could happen.
  3. Distracted drivers.  While it is really not your responsibility as a pedestrian to be on the lookout for someone who is driving while distracted it can keep you safe to be aware that there are drivers who, as the weather warms up, are more likely to drive with their windows down and their music really loud.  These drivers can become distracted and cause serious situation where injuries can occur.  It is in your best interest to be on the lookout for a driver like this and potentially let them pass instead of even interacting with them.

Spring is a time for rebirth and excitement as the weather turns warmer and we can get out of our homes and enjoy the city more.  It can also be a time when more pedestrians are walking about the city which can lead to unforeseen accidents.  Knowing the types of dangers that the warmer weather presents can help you be alert and avoid a New Haven pedestrian accident.   If you know the dangers and take the necessary precautions you will be able to enjoy the city without a care in the world.

If you are out and walking the Elm City you may get injured even if you do take all of the precautions.  If this is the case, you may need to speak with an experienced attorney who can review your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.  If that is the case, contact our office and we would be happy to help you.