Three Ways To Avoid A New Haven Slip And Fall Accident At The Grocery Store

September 21, 2020
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When you’re out at the grocery store these days you have a lot to think about.  You have to get your groceries for the week of course, but you also need to make sure you are staying safe.  Are you sanitizing your carriage, are you wearing your mask properly, are you staying six feet away from the nearest person, are you following the one way aisles and so much more.  It can be hard to get your shopping done with all of this on your mind.  Now add in the possibility of a New Haven slip and fall accident and you might just want to give up for the day.

Don’t do that.

Let us ease your mind on one of these things, that is how to avoid a slip and fall injury.  Believe it or not, this type of injury happens a lot, but they are also very preventable.  In order to prevent an injury you’ll need to make sure you are taking precautions that are fairly simple to implement.

  1. Wear your mask properly.  Not only do you want to wear your mask properly to prevent yourself from getting COVID-19, you also want to wear it properly so it does not impede your ability to see.  Sometimes masks drift up over your noise and into your field of sight, if this is the case, you may be on your way to a fall.
  2. Avoid and report spills.  Even if you need to go down an aisle, if there is a spill, skip it and wait until it is cleaned up.  Taking chances with a wet floor is asking for an injury.
  3. Keep your eyes on your aisle.  When we’re browsing shelves we have a tendency to take our eyes off of our carriage and what is in front of us.  If you want to look at what is on the shelves, stop, browse, and then continue on.  Moving forward without paying attention can lead to a messy accident.

Go to the grocery store is nobody’s idea of fun, but it is a necessity of course.  Working to make it less tedious and dangerous will allow you to get in and out of the store faster and safer.

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of a fall in the grocery store, contact our office.  One of our attorneys will be able to review your case for you.