Tips For Avoiding A New Haven Auto Accident At Night

February 19, 2020
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There certain differences in driving during daylight hours and during evening hours that lend themselves to a New Haven auto accident. Here are some tips to stay safe when driving in the dark.

  1. Aim your headlights. Make sure they are aligned properly and remove the road grime/dirt from the covers.
  2. Dim the dash. Your dashboard/interior lights may come with a dimmer. These lights can create unnecessary distractions. Also turn town any display lights too.
  3. Wear the right glasses. Only wear glasses at night if they have been prescribed to you by an eye care professional.
  4. Keep an eye out for eyes. Wildlife can be active at night – keep an eye out for them.
  5. Don’t stare at on-coming lights. Bright lights can disrupt your concentration.
  6. Get the newspaper. A windshield that appears clean during the daylight hours can reveal streaks during the nighttime hours. Newspaper can remove any streaks.
  7. Exterior mirrors. Clean and adjust these mirrors.  Dirty mirrors can reflect light and create a distraction.
  8. Keep healthy eyes. Make sure you are seeing an eye care professional to get your eyes examined on an on-going basis.

If you or a loved one was injured, contact a New Haven auto accident attorney immediately. We will work to protect your long-term interests.