Tractor Trailer Truck And Passenger Vehicle Collide On I95

January 14, 2023
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Earlier this week a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle collided while commuting on I95 in Westport.  The accident is yet another fresh reminder that sharing the road with these giant vehicles can be both dangerous and deadly.  The speed at which these vehicles travel and the weight that they are often carrying can take an accident from a fender bender to a totaled vehicle in no time.  These types of New Haven truck accidents are more and more common as those who travel on the main roadways in and around the city are interacting with these giant vehicles more and more often.

When two vehicles of very different sizes collide it is generally the larger vehicle that suffers limited damage and the passenger vehicle is often totaled or damaged quite a lot in the accident.  The driver of the vehicle is often injured very badly and in some tragic cases dies on impact.  It is for these reasons that it is important for all of us who share a road with tractor trailer trucks to understand how we can stay safe when sharing the road.

Here are three things you can do when you are traveling on the interstates while sharing the road with them to keep yourself safe and avoid this type of dangerous accident that too often takes the lives of those involved.

1.) Give the truck some space.  One of the most critical things you can do is to make sure the truck has enough space to maneuver around your vehicle and also to navigate the road ahead of it and behind it.  For instance, you should travel a good safe distance behind a tractor trailer and you should never tailgate this type of vehicle.  It is important to remember that these giant vehicles take a lot longer to stop then your vehicle does and if they are forced to stop short and you are traveling too closely to their rear you may find yourself sliding underneath the big rig.

2.) Make every effort to pass the tractor trailer trucks safely.  There are a number of things you can do to make sure that when you are passing these vehicles you are doing it safely.  Always pass a truck on the left side and NEVER on the right side.  When you are passing the vehicle you will want to move swiftly and cautiously so you do not stay in a blind spot for very long.  Finally when you are ready to move back into the lane where the truck is driving you will want to make sure you can see the driver of the tractor trailer in your rear view mirror before you move back over into that lane.

3.) Keep an eye on the truck drivers mirrors.  One of the best ways you can tell that you are visible to the truck driver is to take a look at her/his mirrors and if you can see their reflection in the mirror it is likely that they will be able to see you and where you are driving as it relates to their vehicle.  If you cannot see the driver in the mirror you are likely in a blind spot and could find yourself in a situation that could be dangerous.   Just like when you are using the mirrors in your vehicle to gauge your position as it relates to other vehicles on the road, so too does a truck driver and you can make it easier on them by making sure you can be seen in their mirror whenever you are in the truck’s space.

As Connecticut has some of the busiest highways for trucks in the country, it is critical that you know the rules of the road and how to help yourself avoid a New Haven truck accident that could lead to an injury or death.  If you follow the steps above you will be driving safely and sharing the road in a helpful way to lead to less accidents and safer roads.

If you do end up in an accident with a semi truck it can be quite complex, but our experienced attorneys have worked on many cases of this magnitude and can help you protect your long-term interests.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you regarding the particulars of your situation and work with you on how to proceed.