Tragic Death Of An Off-Duty New Haven Firefighter In I-91 Crash

November 4, 2022
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A New Haven auto accident of any kind that results in the death of someone who is involved with the crash is always tragic, but when it involves a 27-year old off-duty firefighter it really makes you pause a little bit longer.  The incident that involved five vehicles on I-91 is another reminder that the safety of all individuals is often at risk when you’re driving.

When you are behind the wheel of your vehicle you need to make sure you are taking your own safety very seriously and the safety of others who are sharing the road with you very seriously as well.  While it can be easy to get lazy while driving, there is no room for that when you are operating a fast moving and very heavy vehicle that can cause serious damage if not used safely.  When you hit the road you are taking your own life and the lives of others on the road in your hands and you should always protect that immense responsibility.  To make sure you know how to that we’ve put together a list of a few things you should make sure you do or don’t do to insure that all are safe on the road.

1.) DO always pay attention while driving.  Distractions like cell phones, the radio, other passengers, or eating food can all be detrimental to your safety.  If you can avoid these distractions and keep your eyes squarely on the road you will be much more likely to arrive at your destination safely.

2.) DO NOT speed.  Excessive speed is one of the factors in many accidents, especially those that result in fatalities.  Keeping your speed moderated to the speed limit will keep you and your passengers safe and will also allow those you are sharing the road with to navigate your vehicle easily.

3.) DO follow all posted signs.  If you are driving in a construction zone or a school zone or any other posted restricted area you should always follow the signs that are posted AND listen to any workers or police officers who are directing traffic in those areas.

4.) DO NOT drive without your seatbelt on.  Seatbelts save lives and while there are a remarkable 91% of all passengers and drivers who report wearing seatbelts if they are not used an accident can get a whole lot worse, very quickly.

It is tragic to have a New Haven auto accident kill a 27-year old off-duty firefighter, but it is an opportunity to share these reminders so that he does not die in vein.