Underage Rider Involved In Motorcycle Accident

August 11, 2023
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A teenage motorcycle driver was traveling on Walnut St. in Manchester, CT recently when a collision occurred between the motorcycle and another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle and the driver of the motorcycle are both expected to survive from the injuries that they sustained, but the motorcycle rider was transported to Connecticut Children’s Hospital for treatment.

While this incident ended with limited injuries and no deaths, not all New Haven motorcycle accidents end on such a positive note. These incidents can be quite dangerous and lead to significant injuries and in some cases death. The safety of motorcycle riders is significantly at risk if the rules of the road are not followed and accidents occur. That is why it is so critical for all drivers, but especially motorcycle owners, to understand the rules of the road and how to remain safe when riding on two wheels.

In the case above, one of the most critical laws of the road was broken and led to the accident occurring and that was having an underage driver riding a motorcycle. This is entirely illegal and can result in serious fines and/or other consequences. A rider over the age of 16 years old may be eligible for a motorcycle rider learner’s permit and in that case will be subject to the following restrictions;

1.) Riding is limited to trips that are only in the state of Connecticut.

2.) Riders are not allowed to drive after dark and must only ride their motorcycle during daylight hours.

3.) A motorcycle rider with their learner’s permit cannot carry passengers while riding.

4.) Protective headgear is required for all riders who are driving under a motorcycle rider learner’s permit.

For more details on obtaining a learner’s permit for a motorcycle rider you can read all about it here.

Those riders who have already obtained their motorcycle license should follow other specific rules of the road to help keep themselves and those they share the road with safe and free from accidents or injuries. These rules include, but are not limited to the following;

1.) Wear a helmet. While this is not required by Connecticut state law for adult riders, it is strongly recommended as a way to keep yourself safe while riding. If an accident were to occur and you were traveling at a high speed a head injury can be life-threatening and wearing a helmet can help protect you from this dangerous accident. While a helmet is not guaranteed to keep you safe, it is another layer of protection that you can have to make riding a motorcycle even safer.

2.) Obey the speed limit. This is common sense when riding a motorcycle (or driving a car). As we’ve covered many times on this blog in the past, excessive speed is one of the most common ways to increase the severity of an accident. The faster you are driving the more likely it is that you will be killed in an accident. If you keep your speeds at or below the legal limit you will be in a much better position to survive an accident.

3.) Never travel when you are drowsy. Driving when you are drowsy can be the equivalent of driving when you are over the legal limit of alcohol in your body. Drowsy driving is entirely preventable and should always be taken seriously. If you are too tired to get on your bike and ride home, you should wait, get a nap in and then head home. Alternatively, you can call a ride share service like Uber to get you home until you get some sleep and get back to get your motorcycle when you are clear eyed and well-rested.

While there is no way to entirely prevent a New Haven motorcycle accident from happening, there are certainly things that riders can do to help keep our streets safer. One, extremely important one is to never let someone who is not of age ride a motorcycle. This is both dangerous and illegal and should be taken extremely seriously as the owner of the motorcycle.

When you hop on your motorcycle for a ride and unexpectedly get into an accident you may need to speak with someone who has experience with your type of situation. Contact our office and speak with one of our attorneys who have a breadth of knowledge and can work with you on your situation to make sure your long-term interests are protected.