USDOT Releases Auto Accident Fatality Data For 2016

The US Department of Transportation‘s National Highway Travel and Safety Administration released the fatality crash data for the calendar year 2016. In 2016, auto accident fatalities increased 5.6% to 37,461 over 2015.

The national data (compiled from all 50 states and the District of Columbia) shows the following:

  • Distraction-related deaths (3,450 fatalities) decreased by 2.2 percent;
  • Drunk-driving deaths (10,497 fatalities) increased by 1.7 per­cent;
  • Drowsy-driving deaths (803 fatalities) decreased by 3.5 percent;
  • Unbelted deaths (10,428 fatalities) increased by 4.6 percent;
  • Speeding-related deaths (10,111 fatalities) increased by 4.0 percent;
  • Pedestrian deaths (5,987 fatalities – the highest number since 1990) increased by 9.0 percent; and
  • Motorcyclist deaths (5,286 fatalities – the largest number of motorcyclist fatalities since 2008) increased by 5.1 percent;
  • Bicyclist deaths (840 fatalities – the highest number since 1991) increased by 1.3 percent.

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