Use These Steps To Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident Due To Drugged Driving

December 7, 2023
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You already know that December is National Drunk and Driving Awareness Month and how you can avoid getting into a New Haven auto accident due to being behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking alcohol, but there are also things you need to know if you’re planning on using drugs this month or any month. While many of the same rules apply to drugged driving that also apply to drunk driving there are some steps you can take to put yourself in a position to remain safe even if you are planning to use drugs at a party or otherwise.

When recreational marijuana use became legal in Connecticut in July of 2021 there were many who said it had the possibility of presenting dangerous circumstances for those who used the drug. While the data is still out on whether or not those predictions were right, one thing is for certain driving while under the influence of these drugs, even as they are legal, can be very dangerous and cause serious injury and even death if you’re not taking the proper precautions.

December is a month for family and friends and holiday parties abound. If you are inclined to partake in recreational use of marijuana then there will likely be a lot of opportunities for you to get high this holiday season. If this is the case you will want to make sure you are armed with the best advice to help keep you and your family and friends safe when you go to get behind the wheel of a car. If you take a few simple steps to avoid any poor choices you will arrive home safely and enjoy a happy and stress free holiday season.

Step #1: Plan ahead. While some nights can be a little more unpredictable then others, do your best to think through what your evening is going to look like and where you will be. You should then decide on who will be driving for the night and make sure there is a plan to help her/him have a good time without getting high or drinking any alcohol. By identifying a designated driver before the night begins your whole party can celebrate safely and without the reckless decision that needs to be made at the end of the night about how you will get home. The decision will already be made.

Step #2: Decide how you will get home ahead of time. This piggybacks off of Step #1, but it is important. Even if you have a designated driver, make sure they know which car they are driving and be sure there is enough gas to get to and from your destination. If you’ve decided against a designated driver and would prefer to use a ride share service you should make sure the app is installed on your phone and you have already added a credit card for payment so that when it comes time to leave and head home you are ready to simply tap and go. If there are too many hurdles to jump over it might get in your way of making good decisions.

Step #3: Know your limits. This is so important even if you are not planning on driving. Getting home requires that you are able to have your wits about you and make decent decisions. You’ve already planned to have someone else bring you home, but if you are not thinking straight due to your alcohol or drug consumption you might make bad decisions on the way home and put yourself or someone else at risk. Every person is different and therefore limits are different for every person so you need to know your own and stick to them. If you are past your limits you might want to stay put until you are able to make rational decisions, even if you are not completely sober. When you’re over your limit, getting in a vehicle can put you at risk because you may make bad choices that will jeopardize the safety of all those who are in the vehicle with you, including the designated driver or ride share operator.

By simply taking just a few steps you can have a wonderful night out at a friends house, at a family party or some other venue and get home without getting into a New Haven auto accident due to the fact that you are high or drunk. As part of National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month we are spreading the word about the dangers of these behaviors and maybe more importantly how you and your friends and family members can avoid putting yourself in a situation where these behaviors will even be of concern to you. Spread the word and tell everyone in your circle that you are going to prioritize your safety this holiday season.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are injured as the result of an accident that occurred due to someone driving while under the influence you may need to speak with an attorney. Our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.