Use These Tips To Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident During Flash Flooding

September 3, 2021
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With recent weather events causing devastating flooding and death throughout the state of Connecticut it is important to have a firm understanding of the safety procedures you should be taking if a weather event like Tropical Storm Ida occurs again.  Flash flooding and overly saturated roads can lead to New Haven auto accidents and cause serious injury or death.

The Connecticut State Police are encouraging drivers to follow a certain set of safety rules when driving in torrential rain storms that may lead to flash flooding.  While these are not laws that need to be followed they are recommendations to keep you and your passengers safe in the event that sudden rain dumps down on the area.

  1. Reduce your speed so you can avoid a situation that involves hydroplaning
  2. When it is gray and rainy out, always use your headlights so you can see clearly in front of you and on-coming traffic can see you clearly as well
  3. Under no circumstances should you drive through standing water, this is the most direct route to leaving your car stranded
  4. Do not drive around barricades, if there are barricades in place they are there for a reason and you should acknowledge them and find a different route

Following these suggested rules of the road when gale force winds and inches of rain are falling at a increase pace will not only keep you safe, it will also insure that you do not become stranded in the middle of a flash flood.  Weather related injuries and death can occur when New Haven auto accidents happen in the midst of a storm.  If you do have to be on the road when a weather event hits, you will want to make sure that you are driving cautiously and are staying alert for any change in conditions.

Whether you were the driver or passenger in a vehicle, if you were injured during a weather event you may need an attorney to review your case and help you protect your long-term interests with the insurance company.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will work with you.