Vernon Motorcycle Crash Is Difficult Reminder Of The Dangers Of Riding A Motorcycle

February 11, 2022
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A recent crash in Vernon, Connecticut is a difficult reminder of how important it is to ride safely and with the proper equipment.  The crash, which involved a Harley Davidson colliding with an SUV left the driver and the passenger of the SUV with very light scratches and bruises while the driver of the motorcycle and his passenger were both rushed to the hospital where their injuries are still being evaluated.

This crash, which happened on Hartford Turnpike is a reminder that serious motorcycle crashes are not relegated to those of the high speed variety that are so often glorified on movie screens.  This type of crash happened on a main road of a busy city, but not at significantly high speeds like one would find on a highway.  This is why it is critical to understand the steps you can take if you’re planning on riding your motorcycle through the city on how to avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident.

  1. Always wear your helmet.  A helmet for a motorcycle rider is the same as a seatbelt for someone behind the wheel of a car or truck.  Whether you’re going around the corner or around the globe a helmet will help keep you protected and safe from serious injury or worse.
  2. Obey the speed limit.  While speeds can increase throughout your time driving in a city you should always obey the posted speed limit signs.  It can be fun to be riding a motorcycle and rev it up to a significant speed through the streets of a city, but it can also be dangerous.
  3. Wear the proper clothing.  You may not consider your clothing too closely when you’re headed out for a ride, but you should.  Proper clothing that covers your entire body will prove to be a good safety measure if you fall off your bike and your skin is protected.  An accident can produce serious skin injuries if you’re not careful with the types of clothing you’re wearing.
  4. Always pay attention to where you are going.  Similarly with driving a car or truck, when you are riding a motorcycle you should not be fiddling with your phone or the radio or any other distraction that might take your attention off the road.  If you do, you could find yourself in a serious accident before you know it.

We are lucky to live in an area where motorcycles can still be ridden in the middle of the winter, but that also means that there are more chances for incidents to occur.  A New Haven motorcycle accident is something that could happen to anyone who gets on a motorcycle so it is important to have consistent reminders of how to stay safe when driving your motorcycle.

If you’re a rider, enjoy the road, but be safe and if you find yourself injured don’t hesitate to call our office where one of our experienced attorneys can review your case and work to make sure your long-term interests are met.