What To Do If You Are Rear-Ended In A New Haven Auto Accident

October 16, 2020
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If you are in a situation where you have been involved in a New Haven auto accident and you were rear ended there are some very specific things you should do and one very important thing you should NOT do.  Let’s start with the thing you should not do first.

Under no circumstance should you jump out of your car and start yelling and screaming at the person who rear-ended you.  This will only cause friction and will hurt your ability to get the care and compensation that you may need and be entitled to.  Here’s what you should do instead:

Getting rear-ended can be a jarring situation.  Often you are not expecting it to happen and when it does it can shake your nerves.  Taking your time to let your nerves settle, assess the situation, and approach it calmly may be the difference between getting the care and compensation that you are entitled to or not.

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