What To Do When Your Uber Driver Is Distracted

Ride sharing services like Uber are one of the fastest ways to get around when you don’t have a car.  What happens when your Uber driver is distracted in one way or another? Do you have any recourse?

Distracted driving is one of the deadliest of all driver habits. Whether your Uber driver is playing with the radio or his/her cell phone you’ll want to take action immediately. The good news is there are some things you can do to help prevent this behavior from this and other Uber drivers in the future.


  • Stop The Ride: You should stop the ride immediately.  Your safety is in the hands of someone who is not taking that responsibility seriously.  As soon as you see your driver is distracted you should halt your ride.
  • Tell Your Driver Why Your Ending The Ride: It’s not always easy to point out bad behavior to someone, but it is necessary.  Riding with a driver who is not taking the utmost care with your safety can affect you and many others who get into that car.  In some cases he/she may not even know they are distracted and being told will help them change their behavior.
  • Use The Review: Riders often rely on the reviews left on the Uber app to determine whether or not they would accept a ride from a driver.  Leaving a review that details your experience may help others avoid this unsafe driver in the future.
  • If An Injury Occurs, Contact A Connecticut Auto Accident Attorney: It is critical that if there is an incident before you get to stop the ride or tell your driver to stop driving while distracted that you contact an attorney.  A qualified Connecticut auto accident attorney can help you determine how to proceed.


If you find yourself endangered by the actions of your Uber driver you should alert a New Haven auto accident attorney immediately.  Your safety and the safety of future riders may be at stake.





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