What You Should Do To Avoid A New Haven Motorcycle Accident If It Starts Snowing

January 19, 2022
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Only the hardiest among us will take our motorcycles out on the road during the winter months.  You can’t call yourself a motorcycle enthusiast until you’ve experienced 20 degree temperatures whipping across your body at 70 mph.  That being said you can be hardy, but you shouldn’t be stupid and if snow comes on while you’re out for a ride you should take specific steps to avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident.

Before you even head out on the road you need to make a personal decision about whether or not you would feel comfortable on two wheels if snow started falling.  In the winter the weather changes quite frequently and even if you start out in bright afternoon sun, snow can come in fast and when you’re riding and you aren’t comfortable with the conditions you can find yourself in a difficult situation very quickly.  If you are uneasy about the possibility of riding in the snow, you should keep the cover on your motorcycle until the spring weather arrives.

If you’re ready to brave snow if it comes, you should be aware of some steps you should take if the snow does start falling while you’re out for a ride.

Step #1: Slow down significantly.  Driving over the speed limit when conditions are dry can be dangerous, but if the snow is falling and the roads are starting to get slippery it can turn deadly awfully fast.  At the first sign of a snowflake slow down significantly so you can maintain control of your bike until the snow stops.

Step #2:  Turn your headlights on.  Chances are that if it is snowing it is also gray out and you might be difficult to see.  If other drivers are having a hard time seeing you and you are potentially having a hard time seeing other drivers it can be a recipe for disaster.  Turning your headlights (and taillights) on can help you stay visible and alert other drivers to where you are.

Step #3:  Head home and get off the road.  If the snow looks like it is going to be sustainable and start sticking on the road surface it is a good idea to take your motorcycle home and ride for another day.  Road surfaces that are covered in snow can be very dangerous for a vehicle on two wheels and your best bet is to skip the cool winter air and relax inside where you can stay safe.

There is so much fun to be had when riding your motorcycle in the winter, but add snow to the mix and you may be asking to get injured in a New Haven motorcycle accident.  If you can make it off the roads and get home safely there will be plenty of rides ahead of you, even in the winter months.

If you are out on the road and it begins to snow and that leads you to an injury you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys can speak with you about your injury and protecting your long-term interests.