When The Weather Is Unpredictable Here’s How To Look Out For A New Haven Slip And Fall Accident

March 30, 2024
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The spring season is upon us and in full swing and it is the time of the year where the weather can be the most unpredictable. Unpredictable weather can result in uncertain situations, especially if you are traveling around the city on foot. The weather conditions can put you in a situation, if you’re not careful, where you could have one small misstep and end up being affected by a New Haven slip and fall accident which leads to a significant injury.

As the weather gets more and more unpredictable so to do the conditions you might face when you’re walking or running through the city. For instance, the change from freezing temperatures to warmer temperatures can lead to certain sections of sidewalks and roads lifting up and causing frost heaves which can be difficult to traverse. You may also find some fallen debris and leaves on the roads or sidewalks which could impede your ability to walk safely and avoid an injury. These leftover and lingering weather conditions from the winter leading into the spring can cause situations that make your time in the city less predictable.

Before you worry about the weather conditions you need to worry about how you’re interacting with the world around you to make sure you are putting yourself in the safest position possible. For instance, you should always put your cellphone away before you start out on a walk or run. If you cannot stand to ignore a notification while your phone is in your pocket you should stop walking or running and you should take a moment to check your phone while you’re not moving. You will also need to avoid significant conversations that get you into a mode where you are not able to focus on the conversation and on your travels at the same time. You may not think it is significantly distracting, but it most certainly is and if you’re not careful you could run into a situation where you are not going to be able to focus and you could become injured.

As long as you are focused on your path forward you should be able to navigate the dangerous weather conditions that could put obstacles in your way no problem. If you are not distracted, you should have no problem with navigating the weather conditions which may include;

1.) Spring showers. There’s no surprise that rain can be heavy at times through the winter months and when it gets to be that way you will want to tread lightly throughout your walk or run. Slippery conditions caused by rain showers can be even more treacherous than snowy conditions in some instances. The other thing that makes spring showers quite dangerous as a pedestrian is, especially in the early spring, the temperatures can fluctuate and it may even become icy conditions without you really noticing it and when that happens there are many more situations that could become difficult to handle.

2.) Windy conditions. The unpredictability of the spring weather conditions are also found in the Windy conditions that can often cause problems. Strong winds can blow in at a moments notice and knock down tree branches or cause items to fly unexpectedly into your path while you’re walking or running. If something like this happens it can be quite dangerous to your safety.

3.) Bright sunshine. On the flip side of all the doom and gloom of the spring, the sun can be a factor at times too when you’re traveling throughout the city. It’s rare in the spring to get a completely sunny day as the sun likes to play hide and seek with the clouds, but when it does come out unexpectedly and you’re caught off guard by it you can be blinded which can affect your ability to see the path in front of you. It’s a good idea during the spring to bring sunglasses with you in the event that the sun does come out and make it difficult for you to see the road or the sidewalk in front of you.

Every season brings with it challenges for keeping yourself safe, but the spring is by far one of the most unpredictable seasons of the year and when you cannot predict what type of weather you are going to be encountering over the season it can be difficult to keep yourself safe. However, avoiding a New Haven slip and fall accident can be as simple as being focused on the path in front of you and being prepared for the unpredictable. If you can do that you will be well on your way to being free from injury in the spring months.

When an accident does happen it may be important to have someone in your corner to help guide you through the situation and protect your long-term interests. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to do just that.