When Your Vehicle Is Struck With A Flying Object, Remain Calm

March 9, 2023
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A man was recently arrested in Connecticut after he used a slingshot to shoot small balls at cars on Governor’s Highway which ended up shattering the windshield of some vehicles.  This incident is not unlike other incidents that have occurred throughout the state and the country and often lead to New Haven auto accidents because the driver is startled or injured.

It can be jarring when you are driving along the road and minding your own business and all of a sudden your vehicle is struck by a flying object.  Sometimes these objects are intentionally thrown or shot at your car, other times it can be a rock that gets turned up by your tire and comes flying at your windshield that will startle you, either way it can definitely be unexpected.  If this does happen to you there is very little you can do to prepare because it happens so suddenly, but you can certainly make an attempt to minimize the harm that it causes to you and your vehicle.

By being prepared with the steps you can take in the event that an object is suddenly flying into your car, you can make sure that you are safe, even after the incident occurs.  Follow these steps to make sure you are safe.

Step #1: Stay calm.  This can be challenging when you’ve been startled, but it is imperative to your safety.  Unless your vision is impaired or you are injured you should stay steady behind the wheel and not let the shock of the impact affect how you’re approaching the road ahead.  Your sense of calm will keep others in the vehicle calm as well which will allow you to take the next steps to make sure everyone is safe.

Step #2: Check on the safety of all those in the vehicle.  The first person you should make sure is safe and injury free is you.  If you have not been hit by the object, you should then make sure that anyone else in your vehicle was not hit as well.  If no one was injured by the object then you can keep driving safely and without any concern for you or your passengers.

Step #3: Find a safe place to pull over and assess any damage to your vehicle.  If damage has occurred to your windshield, which is often the damage that does occur from these types of incidents, you should safely pull over as soon as possible.  However, if there is no damage to the windshield you can find the nearest exit, pull off and get to a lit parking lot where you can assess the damage.  As long as there are no damages that will impair your ability to safely drive you can return to your car and get on your way.

Safety is of the utmost concern when you’re behind the wheel.  If you get startled by a flying object hitting your vehicle, your safety can be put at risk and it may lead to a New Haven auto accident.  If you are able to remain calm and focused on the task of driving then you will be able to make it to your destination safely without any injuries to report so you can then have any damage to your vehicle assessed and repaired.  It is common for an event like this to leave you uneasy about getting back behind the wheel again, so you may want to take a few days before you drive again so you can approach your vehicle in a calm manner and not be panicked that an incident like this will happen again.

When driving there are a variety of ways you can get injured, but no matter how it happens if you do get injured you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you about how to share the details of your situation and how they may be able to work with you to protect your long-term interests.