Why Do Connecticut Work Accidents Happen?

July 9, 2019
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Connecticut workers experience their fare share of accidents that lead to injury. In some cases, an accident is simply just an accident, in some cases an accident can be pinpointed to a reason why an accident occurred. 

The following areas are some of the most common reasons work accidents can occur in dangerous industries like warehousing, construction, manufacturing, and others. 

  1. Poor housekeeping. A messy, poorly organized work site is fraught with many hazards. Examples of unsafe worksite conditions include trip hazards lying around in the open, electrical cords stretched across work surfaces and uncovered holes or tunnels.
  2. Failing to prepare. Starting a project before you are completely ready can lead to work accidents. Take steps to gather any tools or equipment you need and make sure you have complete knowledge about the nature of the project.
  3. Ignoring safety. Whether you are hurrying to catch up on your work or being pressured to move faster, never ignore established safety procedures. This is particularly important in industrial work settings that are already full of injury risks.

Employers have a duty under federal law to provide workers with proper safety equipment and training. They also have a duty to make sure work environments are as hazard-free as possible and should never encourage workers to ignore or abandon safety procedures. If you have suffered injuries in a work accident, filing a successful workers’ compensation claim is your top priority. An experienced Connecticut worker’s compensation attorney could help protect your rights during the claim process.