Why You Should Always Seek Medical Attention After A New Haven Dog Bite

August 19, 2021
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If you find yourself strolling down the sidewalk of the Elm City and you come across a cute dog you’ve never met before, you may want to take a quick moment and pause before considering whether or not to talk to the pooch.  Unfamiliar dogs (and even some familiar dogs) may get agitated by the attention which could result in a New Haven dog bite injury.

You may not think much of it even if you do get a little nip by a dog, but the truth of the matter is that dog bites can be very serious and sometimes deadly.  You should be seen by a medical professional any time you are bitten by a dog whether the pup breaks the skin or not.  Do not just brush it off and bandage it yourself, be seen.

Why the reason for the seemingly extreme measure?

Believe it or not when a dog bites you he may leave behind bacteria that can cause an infection.  While most infections are easily treatable, some may be fatal and left untreated could cause you to get very ill or die.  These types of infections are rare, but not unheard of and it is important that you act accordingly.  It is NOT overreacting to go see a medical professional, no matter how serious or not the dog bite is.  There is no harm in visiting with a medical professional and having her tell you that your bite is fine and bandaging you up and sending you on your way.  If there is something more there, it will be caught and will hopefully be able to be treated.

Even before you head to the doctor make sure you wash New Haven dog bite thoroughly and bandage it to the best of your ability.  The sooner the injury is cleaned the better chance you have of avoiding a serious injury or death.

We know that most K9 friends are not intentionally setting out to bite, but when they do it can be serious and you should take it seriously.  Contact our office if you’ve been injured by a pup and one of our experienced attorneys can review your case.