Why You Should Never Approach A Dog That Is Off It’s Leash

April 19, 2022
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Have you ever been out for a walk in one of the Elm City’s beautiful parks and seen a dog that was off it’s leash? The owner may be near by, but the dog is still running wild and free.  It looks like an iconic scene out of a movie, but it could very quickly turn into a situation where you may find yourself in jeopardy of getting a New Haven dog bite injury.

Spring and summer months are the perfect times for dogs to be out with their owners enjoying our beautiful city.  Too often dogs do not get enough exercise in the winter because of bad weather and they need to be out stretching their legs and staying active to remain healthy and happy.  It is great when the weather becomes warmer and they can do just that, but it may also present problems to those neighbors who are unfamiliar with the dog.

A dog’s owner should be well aware of the dog’s temperament and should take steps accordingly to make sure that a dog is not put in a position where it may hurt a neighbor while out for a walk.  Dog owners have an obligation to keep their dogs leashed, especially in a public park where people of all stripes are walking and enjoying our beautiful city.  If a dog is not leashed she/he could be put in a position to take action that the dog might otherwise not be comfortable with.  If you’re walking along and see a dog that is no longer leashed you should never approach the pooch and here’s why;

1.) Dogs that are off leash may be lost and confused.  A lost and confused dog may not take kindly to a stranger approaching her/him and may become aggressive and angry.  An aggressive and angry dog is one that may have the opportunity and the temperament to bite you or someone you are with.

2.) When a dog is not leashed his/her owner may not be in the general vicinity of the animal and therefore the dog may be uneasy about her/his surroundings.  If a familiar face is not nearby a dog may become increasingly scared which can put it in a difficult position which could cause her/him to become aggressive with strangers.

3.) An animal that is not on her/his leash may be looking for someone to take her/him home.  If that is the case you may make a friend, who will then want to trail you home and could become a problem when you are not able to take her/him in to your home.  This could present a myriad of problems which may include the dog getting aggressive.

The bottom line is if a dog is unfamiliar to you and you see it off it’s leash in a public place you will want to stay at arms length from the pooch.  There are a variety of reasons an animal may get aggressive and become a danger to you or the group you are with leaving one or more people with a New Haven dog bite injury that could become serious.

No matter how you come in contact with a dog, if you are injured by one of our furry friends you may need an attorney to review the situation and speak with you about a possible case.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you about how your long term interests can be protected.