Will The “Safest Children’s Bike” Help Your Child Avoid A New Haven Bike Accident?

May 30, 2021
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Companies make claims all the time about how their new enhanced security features will help eliminate this problem or that problem, but when it comes to bike riding for kids, bikes have remained pretty much the same for decades.  That was, until a bike company claimed to have changed all that with their claim that they had developed the “world’s safest children’s bike.”

Guardian Bikes were introduced to the world on Shark Tank when they received an investment from Mark Cuban.  They are now a fast selling brand of children’s bikes that have some pretty interesting safety features that may reduce the instances of a New Haven bike accident for your child.  Some of these features include;

You can read more about the safety features of this bike on the company’s website. 

While we can not definitively say one way or the other if a Guardian Bike is the safest bike in the world for kids or that it will definitely help minimize the risk of a New Haven bike accident, some of these safety features have been hailed by bike safety experts as game changing for children’s bikes.  Ultimately the best thing you can do to keep your child safe when they are riding their bike is to make sure they have a helmet that fits properly, they are aware of the rules of the road and that they have experience before the head out into situations that might challenge them while on their bike.

If an injury does occur and you need an attorney to review your case, our experienced and knowledgable attorneys will take a look at your case and work to protect your long-term interests.