Win A Car During The Super Bowl

January 28, 2021
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We are keen of talking about safety here on this website and how practicing good safety procedures can lead to preventing New Haven auto accidents and that is certainly true, but did you know that on Super Bowl Sunday you might be able to upgrade your auto safety?  It’s true.  Now that the teams are set for the Big Game it doesn’t matter whether you’re rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Kansas City Chiefs you can still have a chance at winning a new Volvo.

Here’s how it works.

Before the game you need to design your own Volvo car, here.  (This is NOT an ad, we just wanted to share an opportunity for you to win a new car.)

During the game if either team scores a safety, Volvo will do a random drawing and if you are chosen you will win the car that you designed.  No really, it’s that easy.

We don’t care who you’re rooting for during this game, but we’ll be rooting for you to win a brand new car.  If you do win, make sure you always practice good safety by wearing your seatbelt and driving the speed limit which has been shown to minimize injury and limit the number of New Haven auto accidents that occur throughout the year.