Work Zone Cameras Are Slowing Drivers Down

August 13, 2023
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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) started a pilot program back in April that is aiming to slow drivers down as they pass through construction work zones. The program has cameras that are mounted on SUVs at the work sites and if a driver is caught by the camera speeding they are mailed a warning and then if it happens again a citation is sent out to the driver of that vehicle.

Safety experts suggest that a program like this is not designed to “catch” people in the act or as a gotcha moment, but rather to encourage slower speeds in work zones where many accidents occur and as is the case with most accidents the faster a car is moving, the deadlier the accident may be.

The pilot program does not include any work zones in our area, so there will be limited impact on any New Haven auto accidents that may occur, but if the cameras are successful in East Hartford, Norwalk, East Lyme and Middletown there is a possibility that the DOT will expand the program to other work zones throughout the state.

Traveling through work zones can be a dangerous situation, especially when you are not following the posted speed limits. Not only are the workers who are performing their duties at risk of injury, but so too are you. Heavy machinery and uneven roads can present real dangers for you as a driver and if you are not following the rules of the road as you pass through a work zone you could be putting yourself, your passengers and the workers at risk. It is important that you know these safety tips that are governing your movement through a work zone, these include the following;

1.) Follow all posted traffic signs and you are required to slow down or move over to do so immediately and do not wait until you have come upon the work zone. Signs are often posted to give you the best possible chance to approach the work zone safely and make any changes, like lane shifts or speed changes, in a reasonable and safe manner.

2.) Obey all signs that are held by traffic signalers who are in place to control the flow of traffic. If a signaler is holding a sign that tells you to approach slowly, you should do so and if a sign is flipped to stop you should do so accordingly. Failure to follow these instructions can put many people, including yourself and your passengers at risk of injury or death.

3.) Use construction zone markers like barrels or cones to help guide you through the work zone. These markers are often used as safety measures for those that are working, but they are also used to keep you on the path that is the safest for those who are working and for you. If you follow the path created by these markers you will be able to traverse the work zone safely.

While all of the information above is critical, the most important thing you can do when passing through a work zone is to take your time and travel at a safe speed. This will often be a posted speed limit that is different from the speed limit you are used to on a particular road. The best thing you can do to avoid a New Haven auto accident in a work zone is to slow down and follow all posted signage. While this won’t protect you from all accidents, it will certainly allow you to drive through a work zone with some peace of mind that you are following all of the safety protocols that are required.

Injuries and accidents do happen as part of a construction zone when cars are passing through a live construction zone. If you experience something like this you may need to speak with an attorney who can review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.