Worn Tires Can Cause New Haven Auto Accidents

June 11, 2018
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If you have ever driven a car that had worn tire treads, you know that there is an increased chance for skidding on roadways and causing New Haven auto accidents. A new report from AAA recommends that drivers replace their vehicles tires before 4/32 inches of tread.

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles says that if your tires are below 2/32 inch of tread, your tires are too bald and it is time to replace them. Worn tires driving at highway speeds on wet pavement increases your average stopping distance by 43%, compared to new tires.

Despite Connecticut regulations, there were 653 tire-related crashes in which 246 people were injured or killed in Connecticut in 2017, reports the UCONN Crash Data Repository. These figures equate on average to 12 crashes a week or approximately 5 people a week killed or injured in the state because of tire-related issues.

Because of driving dangers with wet tires, AAA recommends;

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