Wrong Way Auto Accident Fatalities Soar And The State Is Stepping In

August 2, 2022
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In the three years leading up to 2022, there were 19 total fatalities from wrong way drivers combined in the state.  Since the calendar turned to 2022 there have already been 20 fatalities and we’re only in the month of August.  This staggering statistics has state officials concerned and they are going to do something about it.  Getting into a New Haven auto accident with a wrong way driver could mean serious injury or death, so these new measures are a welcome help to drivers throughout our area and around the state.

Governor Lamont announced late last month that the state would be investing $20 million in measures meant to help alert people of a potential wrong way driver.  The system, which the Department of Transportation is already ready to pilot would install cameras at the on and off ramps of exits which if a wrong way driver were to be detected it would alert other drivers on the road that there was the potential for danger ahead on the road where the wrong way driver was detected.

This additional infrastructure is a direct response to the increase in fatalities that are due to wrong way crashes.  So, what has changed over the course of this year?  Transportation officials in the state point to the increase in people drinking and driving coming out of the pandemic that has caused the dramatic rise in this type of driving behavior.  Officials have said that the data shows a large increase in drunk driving related incidents and one of the areas where this is causing the most harm is when drunk drivers are driving down the road going the wrong way.

While the new system will take some time to implement there are things that you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when you’re driving to avoid being a victim of a wrong way driver.

1.) Stay alert.  This is important whenever you are behind the wheel, but especially at night when many of these wrong way driver accidents happen.  If you can be extra alert you may be able to spot a wrong way driver, before an accident happens.

2.) Avoid driving during the times of the day that wrong way accidents are more likely to occur.  Most incidents happen late at night, so if you can avoid being on the road after, let’s say 10p, it will greatly decrease your risk of getting into a wrong way accident.

3.) Keep your speed down.  Excessive speed is often a factor in auto accident fatalities.  If you’re driving over the speed limit and you get into an accident you will increase your chances of serious injury.  While going the speed limit may not help you avoid a wrong way crash, it may limit the damage done to you and your passengers.

Unfortunately at this point in time wrong way crashes are increasing in the state.  Many drivers are getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol and it is causing serious issues on our roads.  It is a welcome sign that the state is aware of the situation and is taking steps to improve the safety of all drivers.  Getting into a New Haven auto accident, especially in a head on collision with someone who is driving the wrong way down the road can be devastating.

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